For Lawyers

In this section, we have set out relevant information and careers advice intended to assist you from the outset. We have also given an overview of our tailored, consultancy services and what you can expect from us. 

If you have not used a recruitment consultancy before, we strongly recommend you read the section “How we work with you”. Finding a knowledgeable and experienced consultant, with whom you can build a trusted and professional rapport, is of fundamental importance in ensuring an effective and thorough search of the market. 

It may well be the case that you have not reached a definitive decision to move just yet.  You may simply want to have a well-informed and ongoing dialogue about possible opportunities available to you or instruct us to make discreet enquiries of specific firms. If having reviewed the market, the sound and sensible conclusion is to stay put, that is fine with us and we will advise you accordingly. Our success comes from building long-term and trusted relationships and we will work with you with your best interests in mind. 

In addition to the information available on the site, other materials and resources are made available to those that are registered with us.

We will help you improve your interview technique, assist with the presentation of CVs, preparation of business plans, input on employment terms etc and of course, negotiating the best deal for you.  

Moving on to a new and better opportunity is an exciting and exhilarating prospect but we recognise that for some individuals the thought of resigning can be daunting. For partner level appointments, there are also concerns and considerations over how to over deal with exit strategy, client communication and restrictive covenants. Our senior consultants have a wealth of experience in these areas and will provide advice and support throughout. In some circumstances, it is wise to seek legal expertise and if required, we can refer you to our contacts, who we know have niche expertise in advising partners and members on exit strategy.